We are a media production company based in Cork, Ireland working on all things related to Video Production and Graphic Design. For us it’s always been about building strong relationships with our clients. We work closely with every brand to push the boundaries of our creativity so we can deliver fresh, high quality content that always achieves results.

Emmet Ahern

I’m the lanky one! I take a lot of the Motion Graphics, Sound Design and some of the Graphic Design projects here at Isla Media. I really enjoy creating modern, engaging content for our clients and seeing the final product implemented. My non-media interests include playing guitar, “quality control testing” of gin and watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office on repeat!

David Marshall

I work behind the camera at Isla and take a lot of the graphic design work. I love all things adventure and travelling has definitely become one of my biggest passions although I don’t think I could operate without at least three cups of coffee so that has to be up there! My main challenge in life is dealing with the other two lads. They’re grand at times but I still rely on noise cancelling headphones.

Anthony Madden

Hi, I'm one of the other lads Dave was just referencing and I am quite easy to deal with if I do say so myself. When I'm not blaring some of the hottest tracks full blast in the office, I'm more often than not colouring one of our many video projects!