In August of 2021 at the tail end of summer here in Ireland, we were approached by Goosebump Advertising Agency in Dublin to produce content for C&C Group PLC – The owners of Bulmers Irish Cider and Magners Irish Cider (For the UK audience).

Bulmers & Magners were hosting an exclusive event nestled within the depths of their Orchard in Clonmel, Tipperary. 5 lucky competition winners would be in with a chance of bringing their friends to the “Bulmers/Magners Secret Orchard”.

This was more than just a competition, this was a chance to experience Bulmers/Magners as no one has ever before. The journey begins with luxury transport to their Orchard where you would be greeted with an endless variety of food, music and entertainment for you and your closest companions. To cap it all off, a night under the stars with the Bulmers/Magners glamping experience. The event ran for three consecutive days with 3 sets of lucky winners getting to experience the magic within the Orchard.

Isla Media was tasked with covering every inch of the event, from the world class food & entertainment such as a traditional Irish Seanchaí(Storyteller), Fire Dancer and live music to the awesome branding & overall aesthetic and vibe of the event. 

The end goal was to produce two main videos highlighting the event from start to finish. One to suit Bulmers and their Irish audience and one to suit Magners and their UK audience. 

This essentially meant capturing the event twice, once with Bulmers branding and once with Magners branding but both videos would have their own style and feel. It was important to tell the story of what the experience was like right from start to finish and since there were multiple activities going on at the one time it was important we were able to capture everything as it was happening. This meant having two cameras on the go at all times. 

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring we had nailed down some concrete product/branding shots for both Bulmers and Magners. When working with big brands as well developed as Bulmers and Magners it’s always important to be mindful that every brand has their own look, feel & characteristics and this needs to be accurately shown through any content produced. The Irish and UK audiences are slightly different and therefore the way products are marketed to these audiences will be slightly different.

Overall we were really happy with how both videos turned out and more importantly so was Bulmers, Magners and the team at Goosebump.