In 2018 we had the pleasure of working with Cobh Tourism on a promotional video piece for the town so when they approached us again post lockdown 2020 looking to create a fresh new video we were delighted and let me just say, this one was a blast to film!

Being from Cobh ourselves we know the ins and outs of the town so when Hendrick and Jackie from Cobh Tourism handed over full creative control of the project we set to work planning an idea. Cobh is a town full of rich history, lined with bars & restaurants and has multiple outdoor activities for all ages so our first challenge would be how to showcase all of this in under a minute? 

A few brainstorming conversations later we arrived at the idea of introducing some split screen elements throughout the video and settled on a general theme, “Rediscover Cobh”. 

Split screen would give us the room we needed to go wild and “Rediscover Cobh” touches on the idea that no matter how many times you visit Cobh, there’s always something new to discover, a new place to dine, a new tale of old and a new adventure to embark on.

With every video production we work on we always try and push ourselves to be better by experimenting with new styles and by looking to incorporate new techniques. Every video project has its own challenge but our biggest challenge throughout this production was being in danger of having too much fun. I know….cringe right? 

But seriously, if you had the opportunity to spend a few days out in some of the best weather we’ve seen this year, eating free ice cream and diving deep into every adventure the town of Cobh has to offer, I think you’d say the exact same!

We’re super proud of how this project turned out and hope it inspires many to come and visit our town. For those of you who have already been, it’s a new year and a new time to “Rediscover Cobh”.