We’ve worked with the Douglas Court Shopping Centre team on numerous projects in the past so when they reached once again post lockdown 2020 we were delighted!

Keith, the manager of the shopping centre wanted to create a piece to thank all staff and customers of Douglas Court for their continued support through what was and is definitely a tough and difficult time for every business in Ireland and beyond.

Keith has always been a dream to work with so it was no surprise when he left us with full creative control once again. Behind every great business is a team of great people and we really wanted to focus on giving praise to these individuals in the businesses that remained open throughout lockdown to support the local community.

Without getting too scientific, studies have shown that when people are shown a smiling face they can’t help but experience an emotional high. So, off we went and got a load of business owners and employees to smile into our camera (11 to be exact). 60 seconds later and hello, a delighted viewer… but seriously, an emotional lift is something everyone could do with given the circumstances wouldn’t you agree?