We’ve had a strong working relationship with Munster Technological University for a few years now and when the marketing team at the Nimbus Research Centre approached us to produce a suite of videos to advertise each of their offerings, we were excited to jump on board!

Based on the MTU Campus, the Nimbus Research Centre wants to enhance and support better communities through excellence in research, industry and education.

Working with the Nimbus’ marketing team, we organized 7 days of shooting in order to capture 20+ pieces to camera as well as various scenarios to use as b-roll throughout the final videos. After scouting locations and gaining an understanding of their offerings, we set to work shooting.

Since there were so many points to touch on in each video, there was a major focus on the content captured from each interviewee – from their introductions, main talking points and sign offs, we had to be sure we covered every aspect of what the center offers.

After the production stage, the goal was to make the Nimbus brand carry well across each of the videos and using motion graphics and color grading, we achieved a consistent style across each video.

Seeing the engagement online across all of the various social platforms and seeing the videos sit proudly on the Nimbus website goes to show how worthwhile these projects can be for companies!

A big thank you to Laura and Emily in the Nimbus for their great work throughout the project!