Hey Everyone! After lockdown, we were eager to get back behind the camera and get the creative juices flowing once again. We’ve always wanted to work on a piece for a brewery so we took a trip to our local Supervalu and grabbed the best looking can of Irish Craft Beer we could find, Wicklow Wolf.

We were drawn to the overall look and aesthetic of their brand and an idea for the video came to mind pretty quickly. One rough storyboard and a phone call to our good friend Aaron later and we were on the road to one of our favourite spots, Gougane Barra in County Cork. 

Our aim was to create a short visual piece that captured the spirit of the Wicklow Wolf brand, a wolf, and bring it to life in a quirky and engaging way. After a few hours of filming and many insect bites later we had the footage for what would become the bones of a really nice video. 

The story follows a lone hiker played by Aaron who while trekking through the dense forest realises he isn’t alone. But, the thing that’s stalking him isn’t what it seems…dramatic right?

What really glued this story together was the work done in post production particularly in the colour grade and sound design. Here we were able to get creative, adding in all of those subtle sounds that really helped sell the tense and dramatic atmosphere while the colour grade really enhanced the wolf’s POV and brought it to life. 

After the video was complete we reached out to the Wicklow Wolf team and sent them the video for use on their own social platforms. It received a fantastic response online and Darryl the marketing manager at Wicklow Wolf sent us a mixed case of 48 beers for our efforts. What a way to close out what was a really fun project to work on. 

If you haven’t tried any Wicklow Wolf products you’re missing out! We’re slowly making our way through them and from what we’ve tried so far, they taste amazing!